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25 years of the World Wide Web

Published by on 13/03/14

The Web is 25 years old. In 1989 Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, Jason Donovan was number one and the Berlin Wall was open to the West. In Switzerland Sir Tim Berners-Lee, working for CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) proposed connecting ideas across the internet. He produced a document entitled “Information Management: A Proposal” intended to improve the flow of information between colleagues. The idea enabled computers to communicate with one another over a network. The Web was born.

Websites of the past look completely different to today’s slick pages. Have a look some we have got here.

The Google homepage of 1998, above uses the same colours but the cartoon-style logo is more polished.

AppleApple’s homepage from 1997 is more cluttered then the current site which uses larger lifestyle images.

ToyotaToyota’s website in 1996 had a light yellow background and a wall of text – but is now bold, dominated by the colour red, and fully interactive.

White-house      White House’s homepage of 1996.

FacebookFacebook’s original design was substantially different – when it was still known as TheFacebook.

With technology making forward strides every day it’s a strong bet that in 10 years’ time, we’ll look back on the current crop of homepages with a wry smile.


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