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Apple’s App Store Stats

Published by on 5/07/13

Following the launch of the brand new app ‘Sell My Watch‘ that we designed and developed for Watches 247 Group, I’ve been looking into the app store a little bit.

When I first got my iPhone a few years ago I was blown away by the app store and really took the ‘There’s an app for that’ motto on board and downloaded so many apps! I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit now and only really download apps that are recommended, especially since the apps on the Top Chart lists seem to be the same apps over and over or just variations of each other anyway!

Firstly, according to Distimo – ‘the #1 in app analytics’ – a paid app needs to be downloaded over 4,000 times a day to reach the top 10 list. A free app needs to reach over 72,000 downloads a day to reach the top 10! A top 10 grossing app needs to bring in £31k every single day!

Did you know that the app store only opened in July 2008 with 500 apps available, there is now over 850,000 apps available to download to iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices across 155 countries around the world!

Since its launch, customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps – this figure doesn’t even include updates or re-downloads. Customers are now downloading more than 800 apps per second, at a rate of over 2 billion apps per month.

The Games category is the most popular category and currently has 151,574 active apps, followed by Education (96,662 active) and Entertainment (77,647 active). Everyday (on average) 276 new apps are submitted to the app store, 61 of those apps are games.

So if you’re thinking about trying to crack the app store market, here’s a few things you need to consider!

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