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Christ of the Abyss

Published by on 16/04/13

Christ of the Abyss, a towering, bronze sculpture created by Guido Galleti, can be found 17 meters below the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of San Fruttuoso, Italy.

The 2.5 meter tall sculpture depicts Jesus Christ offering a blessing of peace with his head held high, looking and reaching up to the heavens.

The Christ of the Abyss is in fact not an ancient relic of a lost city and was in fact submerged in the water in the summer of 1954, it was placed in it’s location as a mark of respect to Dario Gonzatti, the first Italian to use SCUBA gear, who died there 7 years previous.

In 2003, the bronze sculpture had to be recovered from the water and restored due to it’s increasing amounts of corrosion, the growth of crustaceans and a missing hand, detached by an anchor, it was returned to it’s original home with a new base the following year.

There are various other casts of the statue across the world, some located underwater, others in churches and museums, only 2 of which are cast from the original mould.

Hopefully I can convince the Popcorn Accountant to let me visit it this summer for some inspiration..!

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