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Chromastrobic Light Sculptures

Published by on 18/04/13

Wacky looking art-scientist Paul Freidlander, from the UK produces colourful, moving light sculptures that give off a sense of hologram!

Created by rapidly rotating a piece of string through white light, the vibrating string becomes invisible to the human eye apart from colours produced by the light, similar to refraction of light through a prism.

Freidlander explains his connection between science and art: “I decided to focus on kinetic art: a subject in which I could bring together my divided background and combine my knowledge of physics with my love of light. In 1983, at London’s ICA, I exhibited the first sculptures to use chromastrobic light, a discovery I had made the previous year. Chromastrobic light changes colour faster than the eye can see, causing the appearance of rapidly moving forms to mutate in the most remarkable ways.”




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