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CMYK Bulb by Dennis Parren

Published by on 3/05/13

Something a little different from us to lead into a nice, hopefully sunny, long weekend: Product design!

After completing his BA in Graphic Design and Illustration, Dennis Parren started his own graphic design studio, 5 years later it was time for change and he decided to go back to school and enrolled at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Holland.

At his graduation show in 2011, Parren displayed the CMYK Sculpture Lamp, causing quite a buzz in the design world, using LED-light technologies to cast 3D & coloured shadows on ceilings, walls and objects. This lead to the RGB Galaxy and CMYK Corner being displayed during the Milan Design Week in February, many of the people attending not only liked what they saw, they wanted to purchase it!

Following the success of the lamps, the idea came to put the CMYK bulb into production, easier to produce and a much more accessible product for the mainstream, than a whole lamp.

Resulting in cool, coloured shadows it can be used with existing shades to create unique effects, or purchased directly with the Diamond shade, originally designed for the RGB Galaxy, a product that is almost a stepping stone between the Lamp & now commercially sold Bulb.

For just €95 you can purchase the CMYK Bulb or €160 including the Diamond shade.



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