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Coca-Cola’s ‘Botella de Hielo’

Published by on 18/06/13

Recognised worldwide, Coca-Cola has always made a conscious effort to push the boundaries and stay relevant, they have just introduced a great, innovative way to keep your drink cold.

Currently only available in Colombia, Coca-Cola’s ‘Botella de Hielo’ translates directly to ‘Ice Bottle’, which is exactly what it is.

Modelled on Coca-Cola’s iconic Contour Bottle, originally being introduced way back in 1916, the all ice bottle is shaped from ice as opposed to the traditional glass-blown bottle we’ve come to recognise and love.

It’s not the most practical of bottles to hold but it keeps your drink cool, minimises litter and doesn’t need recycling!

Hopefully Coca-Cola will soon introduce beachgoers all over the world with the Ice Bottle as seen in the video above.

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