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Doctors, Dissection & Resurrection Men

Published by on 4/04/13

We recently received our Art Fund National Art Pass so over the Easter Bank Holiday we sent Richard to check out the Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men Exhibition at the Museum of London… Easter, Resurrection, there’s a joke to be made there somewhere!

A little info:

In 2006 a burial ground, dating back to the Anatomy Act of 1832, was excavated at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

The results found were extremely unexpected but revealed extensive evidence of dissection, autopsy and amputation, bones wired for teaching and animals dissected for comparative anatomy, offering a great insight into early 19th century dissection and the trade in dead bodies.

It was split in two parts: the medical development side and what we’ve learnt, new technologies etc. To the idea of Resurrection Men and the taboo of grave robbing.

Richard thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and found it to be both very informative and presented immaculately and would highly recommend it if this sort of thing interests you or you’ve got time to kill in London!

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