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Facebook Introduces The #Hashtag

Published by on 14/06/13

The widely recognised #hashtag, first used by a Twitter user in 2007, rapidly became a popular feature of many social networking websites as a topic organisation system.

Websites including Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and even Facebook-owned Instagram have made use of the hashtag, with Facebook users often using it anyway, despite it not doing anything.

This week it has been announced that Facebook, along with several other new features to highlight particular discussions, is introducing the hashtag and has already begun to roll the feature out to 20% of it’s users.

In an attempt to stay on top of the social media world, Facebook’s hashtagging will allow users to search content, click through tags and keep track of popular topic discussions on the site, as well as tying in with other services such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

If both users and advertisers alike will be able to find hotbeds of activity around specific events and topics, could this also see a development in targeted advertising?

We’re part of the minority that can already use hashtags, check out a screenshot of one I made used earlier below!


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