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Google’s Visual Assets Guidelines

Published by on 12/06/13

As part of a two part project posted on Behance, an online portfolio hosting site, Google designers Roger Oddone, Yan Yan, Zachary Gibson and Christopher Bettig have posted some of Google’s brand guidelines and tips for designing logos, icons and infographics.

Their ‘solid, yet flexible, set of guidelines’ are useful to designers both internally and externally producing work that supports the company’s brand identity.

Both posts focus a lot on the simplicity of the design, nicely summed up here: “highly simplified, exaggerated and caricatured in nature so that they are appropriate for use at small sizes.” All new icons are front facing, geometric shapes with straight, hard shadows.

The simplicity of the design seems to be reoccurring theme of 2013, similar to Apple’s recently unveiled look for iOS 7, which under the direction of Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive, also has a flatter, cleaner look.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 can be seen below.







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