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360 Degree Panorama of Tokyo

Published by on 7/08/13

The image above is one of the largest photographs ever taken, shot in September last year by photographer and founder of 360cities.net Jeffery Martin. 360Cities is the internet’s largest collection of georeferenced panoramic photographs. The 150-gigapixel image, sponsored by Fujitsu Technology Solutions, was shot in 2012 from the top of Tokyo Tower and is the largest and most high resolution yet.

It was shot with a Canon 7D digital SLR camera with a 400mm telephoto lens. The camera was mounted to a special “gigapixel robot” called the Clauss Rodeon. This programmable robot allowed the camera to move and shoot very quickly, so that it was possible to shoot more than one photo every second. The image was shot from three locations on top of the tower. Each section was stitched together into a panorama, and then these sections were joined together to make a single, full 360° image.

The image is 600,000 pixels wide! To put this into perspective your mobile phone shoots photos around 3000 pixels wide and the largest size of an image on Photoshop you can use is 300,000 pixels, so this panoramic had to be chopped up into much smaller tiles – similar to google maps – and would be 328 feet wide and 124 feet tall if printed out!

I’ve had a little look around Tokyo thanks to that panorama, here’s my favourite part! What’s yours??

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