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Homage To Lost Spaces by Mike Hewson

Published by on 24/04/13

New Zealand artist Mike Hewson wanted to pay homage to a building that was badly damaged and listed for demolition following the 6.3 earthquake that shook Christchurch in February 2012.

The building in question, former Christchurch Normal School opened in 1876, was renovated in the 80’s for apartment and retail use and renamed Cranmer Courts. Before it was demolished Hewson wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere that the building had once thrived on.

“I intended this work to project the same spirit of life back into Cranmer Courts, to help people remember, before it is gone, that this building, too, was once full of community, fun and family.” -Hewson

Homage To Lost Space consists of 10 huge mixed media pieces, covering 130 square meters of plywood depicting life as it had been in a now abandoned building.





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