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Monika Grzymala’s Bursting Installments

Published by on 10/04/13

Since looking at Polish artist Monika Grzymala cool bursting art installments we’ve really had our creativity flowing! No one’s really had a bad word to say about it, everyone thinks it looks incredible!

Grzymala’s 3D artworks completely take over and transform the artspace and gallery she installs them in, whole rooms mutate into bursting walls, floors and ceilings. Often temporary and huge, and created from a wide range of materials such as tape, wire, (homemade) paper and confetti, she calls them ‘Architectural Inventions’, the picture piece in particular is created from over 5km of black tape!!

These installments are very accessible and can be enjoyed whilst visiting or via photographs, showing off how they look from all different perspectives, which allows you to find preferred angles! raumzeichnung01






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