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Nike Launches Free App ‘Making’

Published by on 15/07/13

“Making” is a free, great looking and simple app from Nike, it compiles data collected over an 8 year period, detailing the sustainability and environmental implications of many popular materials.

Nike has been pushing for sustainability for years, working towards a ‘closed-loop’ business model, in which all its products are made with 100% recyclable materials.

The information that can be seen in Making was first made publicly available last year at Nike Responsibility and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in a bid to help change the whole industries views on the environment.

The app compares and scores 22 popular textiles out of 50 points on their economic, social, and environmental performance (aesthetics are also taken into account) based on the use of water, chemistry, waste and energy.

It is to serve as a liaison between designers stuck behind a computer screen and the environmental implications of the materials they choose.

If you’re a fashion designer, download “Making” from the iTunes store now to see how sustainable your products are.

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