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Creative of the Week O’Neill Lookbook

Published by on 27/03/13

O’Neill‘s Celebrating 60 Years Of Innovation lookbook caught my eye this weekend, it’s clean foil printed cover and matte black finish was enough for me to bring back to the studio to show the team for a bit of inspiration, since we recently picked up a new surf industry based client of our own.

We really like O’Neill’s whole ethic and Brand Identity so thought we’d feature it in Popcorn’s first ever Creative of the Week!

We like how the collection of words and images tell the story of O’Neill from the first surf shop in 1952 to it’s continual success as the world’s leading surf brand, from past to present logo montages, and old grainy, sepia tinged photos.

We’ll keep you updated with how we get on with our surf client!

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