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Paper Chandeliers

Published by on 12/04/13

I came across ‘Paper Chandeliers’, another huge art installment piece, so thought I’d continue from our last post!

Cristina Parreño Architecture and a group of students from MIT constructed a floating, wavy canopy of cardboard tubes for the VIP section of ARCOmadrid.

Created by suspending hundreds of cardboard tubes from a wire mesh allowed for a beautiful varied and flowing effect, meanwhile lights fixed above the installation added contrast and even transformed it into a ceiling-covering chandelier as light shone through the tubes.

“The light was extremely simple – it was really the geometry of the surface that created the light effect,” Parreño said.

Team: Cristina Parreño,James Coleman,Sharon Xu, Koharu Usui, Natthida Wiwatwicha, Hannah Ahlblad
Photographer: Luis Asin






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