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In Peace and with Compassion

Published by on 29/08/13

Caravan Festival of The Arts was founded 5 years ago with the aim of building bridges between the East and the West (but even more so between the Muslim and Christian faiths) through visual art, film, literature and music.

The Exhibition “In Peace and with Compassion”, which brings together over 45 premier Egyptian and western artists, happens to coincide with mass unrest in Egypt bringing a message of solidarity out of the country.

Taking influence from CowParade a decade ago, and more recently Elephant Parade, In Peace and with Compassion consists of a herd of life sized, decorated, fibreglass donkeys.


Donkeys were chosen to represent both of Cairo’s faiths – Islam and Christianity – to symbolising peace and humility. Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey before his death and the second caliph entered the city on a donkey.

Following a long journey from Cairo, tomorrow 25 of these donkeys will be unveiled at St Paul’s Cathedral. The exhibition is included with the Cathedral’s admission and can be seen for free.

15 of the donkeys will be available to buy and the rest will go to auction after the exhibition. Proceeds will be split between artists and Egyptian charities.

The above donkey by Reda Abdel Rahman is expected to gain lot’s of attention. One half of the donkey depicts the Muslim Brotherhood and the other half the army. The donkey’s face is a portrait of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

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