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Pet Shop Boys – Electric Artwork

Published by on 25/07/13

The music of the Pet Shop Boys doesn’t really interest me so I haven’t been keeping tabs on their new album at all… Until Matt brought it up this morning and pointed out the simplicity of the album artwork – designed by Farrow.

Set on a clean, white background, the minimalist cover art features 7 rows of angled blue lines which change position, like an optical illusion, when you focus on different areas, it is very nice.

There is no artist name, album name – which is Electric – or promo shots of the duo on the cover. I actually like this idea, as I’m infinitely more likely to pick that up and have a look in a record shop rather than if it was plastered with PET SHOP BOYS and a very false picture of the pair.

Whilst taking a look at this artwork and researching the album I also discovered that Electric is to be released as a vinyl box set, limited to 350 copies. The box set is to be a “fluorescent-edged multi-coloured acrylic box” to house five fluorescent-coloured heavyweight vinyl records (180g). Unfortunately, if you’re a keen Pet Shop Boys fan but unaware of this, the £500 box set is already sold out, almost 3 months before its 7 Oct release date.


Electric is now available worldwide.

Electric tracklist

1. Axis
2. Bolshy
3. Love is a bourgeois construct
4. Fluorescent
5. Inside a dream
6. The last to die
7. Shouting in the evening
8. Thursday (featuring Example)
9. Vocal

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