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Pharrell Introduces Creative Growth

Published by on 9/05/13

Pharrell Williams, no stranger to the creative world, often seen collaborating with artists, musicians and fashion designers alike has recently started a new documentary series/project, alongside filmmaker Cheryl Dunn, called ‘Creative Growth’.

The series explores the impact and improvement art can have on our lives, especially at Oakland’s Creative Growth Art Center a place that provides not only adults with developmental, mental and physical disabilities a professional studio, but also a sociable environment, which is why it’s being hosted on Pharrell’s own youtube channel ‘i am OTHER‘, a channel dedicated to celebrating and embracing differences between people.

i am OTHER is not just a youtube channel but a movement dedicated to thinkers, innovators and outcasts, a way to make others think outside the box and be OTHER.

Take a look at Pharrell’s introduction to Creative Growth in the video above!

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