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Popcorn’s Favourite Apps

Published by on 24/07/13

Everyone at Popcorn owns an iPhone and enjoys technology to some degree. We’re always using new technology when producing great work, whether it’s clean graphic design, a modern website or cool app!

I had a chat with everyone about which apps they use the most and which ones are their favourite.

It seems like the most popular is Strava Cycling, nominated by Dan, Matt, Rich and Steve. Strava Cycling maps your bike rides (speed, distance, elevation, calories burned), accumulates stats and lets you set personal records and earn achievements. You can add your friends to compare stats and even compare your fastest time down certain routes with other cyclists.

If I’d asked the same questions a few months ago when the weather wasn’t this great would Strava appear at the top of this list? I doubt it. Coincidently other relatively popular choices were weather apps Weather+ and BBC Weather – for obvious reasons, we live in Britain after all!

Spotify is a great bit of software we use everyday in the studio but also the app is great. If you’re unaware of what Spotify is, it’s a huge database of music stored online, and can be used for free for a certain amount of time a month. You have to pay for the mobile app, but it allows you to access millions of artists, songs and albums on the go and you can even make, listen and share playlists.

Public transport apps popped up a couple of times including National Rail, Bus Countdown and UK Train Times as well as Google Maps.

Twitter and Instagram are great apps if micro blogging and or social networking is your thing. 140 character posts or image / 15 second video uploads to share with your friends and followers.

WhatsApp is a simple, cross platform, instant messenging app. Great for contact with people in different countries.

I am a big fan of HSBC Fast Balance, it’s great for telling me how little money I’ve got and where it’s gone!

Evernote is a free, easy to use app for notes, passwords, to-do lists and voice reminders that helps you stay organised, it can be synced with the computer version of the software in order to bring all your notes together in one place.

Joe Danger is our wildcard app, a very fun motorcycle stunt game that Dan introduced me to!

Is there any blatantly obvious apps that we’ve missed out or any you think we should try??

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