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Rare Colour Footage of London 1927

Published by on 29/05/13

Claude Friese-Greene, born in 1898, was a filmmaker that became one of the first to shoot London in colour. He was able to shoot everyday life in the city with a technique called ‘Biocolour’, innovated by his father William Friese-Greene.

This video contains rare footage captured in 1927, I really enjoyed watching this video, it gives a great insight to how London, my home, was back then: How great people dressed, how empty some of the streets are, the old cars alongside horse & carts and busses!

But what I love the most is how familiar London seems, even without high rise buildings surrounding the city and the same old high streets. It’s great to see “another monument to a hero of the past” Trafalgar Square unchanged and held in the same, high regard as then, along with Tower of London, London Bridge and Marble Arch.

It’s been noted that the British Film Institute has used computer enhancement to reduce the flickering effect of the original Biocolour.

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