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Salon Japon

Published by on 16/01/14

At Popcorn we love food, especially really good food. We previously mentioned an interesting list of supper clubs, the new trend in food, lead by the international Pret-a-diner.
We like to think that good design is like good food: the quality of the ingredients & tools is crucial, then the ability to deliver creative & tasty composition, and of course, the final touch, presentation. (Read this)

Salon Japon operates with these principles. The London supper club is getting rare reviews from Foodies… so we went to check. And we confirm. It was a festival of dishes – can’t remember how many – but I remember being shocked when David, our host, just announced “we are going to get the main now”, I thought we already had 3.

The chef – Naomi, injects her Japanese cooking mastering into spectacular fusion dishes: Octopus Carpaccio “Mama” style, Japanese Omelette with Chorizo, Daikon with Leek cream sauce, Oriental clear beef soup to clean the pallet, braised Pork with sushi rice… are you getting hungry?

Atmosphere was friendly and the evening flowed smoothly…

The good news is that Naomi & David plan to open their own restaurant. They are only practicing at the moment!
So book your space asap to be one of the lucky privileged ones to experience Salon Japon ahead of the big launch.

All you have to do is click here.

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