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Shanghai Film Museum

Published by on 9/07/13

On Monday at a former film studio in downtown Shanghai, the birthplace of Chinese film, the brand new Shanghai Film Museum opened its doors to the public as the first film museum in the city.

It’s aim is to showcase the story of Shanghai filmmaking, artistry and development of the industry from its humble beginnings in 1896 through to today – the age of 3D blockbusters.

Curated under the creative direction of Tilman Thurmer — founder of the architectural agency, Coordination Asia — it contains over 70 interactive and 3000 historic exhibits spanning 4 floors.

Important events in the history of Shanghai cinema including actors, actresses, directors, clips and old props, costumes, memorabilia and equipment are covered throughout the “15,000-square-meter interactive playground”.
Features include the production of “Yan Ruisheng” (1921), China’s debut full-length feature, based around a famous Shanghai murder case and the first Chinese martial arts film “Burning the Temple of Red Lotus” (1928).


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