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Social Roulette Banned by Facebook

Published by on 16/05/13

Everyday you hear people complaining about Facebook and claiming they’re going to delete their account. It’s boring. People are too nosey. I spend too much time on it. Facebook keeps changing it’s look and I don’t like it! The list goes on.

Most people will just talk about it but not actually go through with it, or they will deactivate their account before reappearing a week later.

Social Roulette found a solution, much like a lower stakes version of Russian Roulette, the app, which can only be played once a day, gave you a one in six chance of deleting your profile. Not just deactivating it but deleting it completely. It’d delete all posts, comments, likes, photos, friends, apps and games before deactivating. If you won/lost (didn’t get deleted) a simple status reading ‘I played Social Roulette and survived’ would be posted on your timeline.

If you’re an indecisive Facebook hater or just an online thrill seeker then Social Roulette would’ve been the app for you, unfortunately Facebook blocked it just 4 hours after it was launched! The app was flagged by an automated system for ‘creating a negative user experience’ and probably because it went against Facebook’s goal of continually growing it’s user base.

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