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Timepiece by Conrad Shawcross

Published by on 23/08/13

The Roundhouse in Camden is currently home to a huge instalment by British artist Conrad Shawcross.

Known for his mechanical sculptures, Shawcross’s Timepiece is essentially a vast 8-metre faceless clock with bright lights fixed to the end of each arm, hanging from the Roundhouse’s ceiling.


Each arm moves at a different speed, one recording hours, one minutes and one seconds. The 3 steel structures unfold above head whilst the columns contribute to the eerie and haunting shadows cast across the room.

An ideal location, the Roundhouse is a great round building, obviously, featuring 24 supporting columns, Shawcross has turned the building into a Timepiece.

“A masterclass in design and technology” The Times

“A deeply beautiful piece of art” Telegraph

The installation ends on 25th of August, so be sure to check out one of the most talked about visual art instalments in years.


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