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Visions of The Universe

Published by on 7/06/13

7 June – 15 Septemeber 2013
National Maritime Museum

Dedicated to Sir Patrick Moore, 1923-2012, a pioneer of lunar observation, BBC’s The Sky at Night presenter and long time friend of the museum, Visions of The Universe is the latest temporary special exhibition at the National Maritime Museum hosting some of the most incredible images of our universe ever made.

Featuring some of the earliest hand drawings to photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope and footage collected by the Mars Curiosity Rover. See an astonishing array of images of stars, planets and galaxies gathered from NASA, the Russian space programme, the European Southern Observatory and more, including entries from the Royal Observatory’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

It’s a great exhibition for children and adults alike, anyone that’s interested or curious about space and the universe we live in and simply anyone that loves beautiful photography.

The exhibition includes the Mars Window, Wolfgang Tillmans and Expert Voices.

Mars Window is a 13-metre long window, a panoramic projection of the Martian landscape as seen by by NASA’s Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity rovers on the surface of the red planet. Feel like you’re standing on the surface of Mars itself.

Wolfgang Tillmans photographic work explores the connections between art and science. Selected by the artist, the works include prints from his ‘Venus transit’ (2004) series and the large-scale ‘in flight astro (ii)’ (2010).

The exhibition includes contributions and insights from important figures in the world of astronomy, including scientists Dr Chris Lintott and Dr Lucie Green from the BBC’s The Sky at Night, Mars explorer Professor Sanjeev Gupta of Imperial College, space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, astrophotographer Dr David Malin and Baron Rees of Ludlow, the Astronomer Royal.

Bright-layered rock deposits with evidence of ancient water © Malin Space Science Systems/MGS/JPL/NASA

Earthrise © NASA/Johnson Space Center Venus © NASA

The Sombrero Galaxy (M104) © NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Andromeda Galaxy © Aggelos Kechagias, 2010

Astronauts repairing the Hubble Space Telescope © NASA

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