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Warsteiner Celebrates 260 Years

Published by on 14/08/13

German beer giants Warsteiner are collaborating with 6 great, international artists to celebrate their 260-year anniversary!

Warsteiner are no strangers to the world of art, in 1984 Andy Warhol ‘immortalised the Warsteiner tulip beer glass’ and personally presented his work at the companies headquarters. We also recently saw Perrier celebrate their 150-year anniversary with Andy Warhol!

Artists Stefan Strumbel, 123Klan, Aaron De La Cruz, Brooke Reidt, INSA and Nychos have been asked to treat the Warsteiner bottle as their canvas, for a short time Warsteiner Premum Verum cases will feature one of each custom designed bottles (only available in Germany).

Check out the trailer below.

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