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Working Mum

Published by on 9/04/14

Feeling a bit nervous about returning to work after taking time out to care for your children? A dilemma faced by many women. Me too…

Knowing I wanted to return to work and actually doing something about it was quite a challenge. It took me many, many months to pick up the phone and get in touch. I’d worked with Dan before, long before, eight and a half years before, before babies, before I’d morphed into ‘Mum’; was there still a ‘Sam- graphic design/studio manager there?’

Travelling to work, being in work, I find exciting, exhilarating …naughty. Leaving my children, being just me. A constant guilt trip of abandoning them even though I know that they are having a wonderful time without me. Two boys being taken to and picked up from school by Grandad and one very spoilt little girl being fussed with treats and ice creams, trips to the park and having a constant play buddy.

Panicking at first that I would not remember how to function as before, but my old self is bubbling back, with ideas and experiences. I enjoy learning and have been surprised how quickly I’ve been able to pick up new techniques and working practices.


I feel that there are now 2 me’s juggling my life. The me who’s Mum heading home on the train, checking school parent mails, children’s homework, bath time, reading before bed , checking school bags, making packed lunches, cleaning shoes, putting on the washing, doing the ironing etc etc and the Sam who enjoys just being me. The Sam I’ve found again. I’ve never been so busy, yet so happy and the guilt of not being at home 24/7, never goes away, but I only have to see how happy the children are and it makes me realise I’m doing the right thing.

So Mum’s if you do get the opportunity to go back to work then grab it with both hands!

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