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Yao Lu’s Landscapes

Published by on 8/04/13

Chinese artist Yao Lu‘s ‘Landscape Part I – Ancient Spring Time Fey’ was the fifth winner of the BMW-Paris Photo Prize for contemporary photography.

It was part of a series of digitally manipulated images of landscapes and foggy hilltops, inspired by traditional Shan Shui Chinese paintings, which on closer inspection are in fact reworked photos of mountains of garbage, covered with a fine green netting, legally required by the Chinese government.

It seems like a strong political statement driving home the effect of urbanisation and pollution on China’s rural areas on the verge of industrial revolution. Although Lu unironically stated “I believe in maintaining a beautiful feeling in the framing of the image, including composition, line, density, and framing, all the elements regularly contained in painting” as the reason behind his decisions of the style he chose to recreate these landscapes.

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